I just finished watching a movie from your stable at Silverbird channel now titled FootHold produced by Yemi Adepoju. I can't stop tears for rolling down on my cheeks because Jesus Christ just ministered to my life through that movie on my dad whom I've decided never to forgive in life. In fact, I took offence with all his brothers who has been preaching forgiveness to me about him. I'm a Chartered Accountant and my dad who is still a serving customer officer never had a penny in my education. I'm the only one my mum bore for him and his first child and son but he has been taking care of other children his wife had for him.

Today after watching this movie, especially where a doctor was preaching to one Jumai, I released and forgive  him straight from my heart. I will call him later in the day.

May the Lord continue to crown all your effort with success and the gate of hell shall not prevail over your ministry sir.



Dear Bro Mike and Sister Gloria.

I just finished watching secrets of the moment. Thank you so much for this movie. I was so moved that i started crying because just this morning i was so worried about how i will pay the bills. I have never owed but now i find myself counting the pennies. I know God will do it but that doubt came in just as Bisi in the movie, was questioning how they will take care of a new baby. When her husband replied and said' is this how you will thank God for all He has done? I started crying. Straight I told God to forgive me for doubting and complaining inside me.
God will continue to bless you and give you more wisdom to do movies that will minister to people. I am going to bed tonight with a smile on my face.
God bless you Sir and Ma
United Kingdom



I don't know when Foundations was released but I just finished watching it - almost 3.00am, now on 26 January 2006.
 It is concise, cute and complete.
 I am a man who I don't think is given to much emotional display but I felt a bit embarrassed by the tears streaming down my eyes.
I'm not praising you for being able to whip up emotions. I am, however grateful to GOD for the impact. The hearers of the message will become doers in JESUS' name.
Also you will never falter, in JESUS' name. You will never walk out of tune with GOD, you and yoursm will never lack direction and protection of the ALMIGHTY, the peace of GOD will rule in your life, family and ministry, in JESUS' name.
 Did you read my previous mail?
 Greetings to sister Alaba.
 This morning was not my first time of watching the plays produced by MZP. In fact, there won't be many I've not watched. However, I feel particularly touched after I finished watching Blood on the Altar this morning a few minutes ago (around 3.30am).
 Brother, the timeliness of the film is amazing. Only GOD knows what devastations it has inflicted in the kingdom of darkness.
 I wish to appreciate
         - your doggedness. It is not easy to have come this far through thick and thin knowing that the enemy will not sleep day and night trying to pull you down
         - the quality of output. It compares favourably with and beats (I am speaking with all gravity) most professional drama output in the country. Permit me: Sometimes, I feel proud about it and express it.
         - your consistency. I have known about the ministry since inception (my wife and sister were part of it) and I'm happy that there has not been any degradation in  ministry quality.
         - the togetherness of many of you after many years I'm sure there have been challenges)
         - the place of prayer in the ministry. Who doesn't know that such things are not done without time on one's knees and, most importantly,
         - the grace, mercy and power of GOD which has made all these possible.
 I also pray, among other things, that
         - the power of GOD will overshadow you, your family and the ministry
         - the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night shall never depart from you, your family and the ministry
         - you will never live in diobedience to your MASTER whatever happens
         - your light shall never become darkness and if need be, the LORD will enlighten your darkness
         - pride (the most dangerous, the most subtle blindfold) will never have a place in your life, family and ministry.
 We love you.

Dear sir,
  I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Not sending you this message would make see myself as an ingrate who does not appreciate the love of God towards mankind especially His readiness to restore those who run back to Him regardless of the magnitude of their sins. Your ministry is indeed a blessing unto this generation with the mysteries being unveiled.
A friend just sent the most recent of your movies to me I suppose 'One Careless Night', the movie is deeply rich in the WORD, it exposes the hidden facts, it is full of the promises of God, it is so much heart captivating and requires 100% attention. I really thank God for your life and the entire ministers. May God continue to increase you in wisdom and in knowing His mind for the entire world.
Please, I will like to know if part5 is the end of the movie or it continues? I asked because nothing was said about Segun who has now backslidden. Won't he get back on his feet? Did he go with the storm? I think God should arrest him and correct his ways? Please say something it really bothers me!
Once again, I appreciate God in you and the wonders is working through your ministry. moreso, thank you for the time taken to read my message. Please, kindly keep me posted with your new movies through my e-mail so as to get them.
  I'll be looking forward to reading from you sir.
  Thank you.

How is the ministry, what about the family, i'm sure all is going more than well
Well, i'm a firstimer, i do see your e-mail but time doesn't permit me. My main purpose of writing to you is about the Youthful Lust and BLOOD ON THE ALTAR especially Youthful Lust. It was shown to a group students (Youths) in my church and about 96% were touched and saved. even the Blood on the Altar has so many suspense that forced me in getting all the parts. It looked like the film shouldn't end were it ended. Im really convinced that Lord is using you sir and i pray God will continue to use you mightily greetings to your Son
God Bless


Dear Brother Bamiloye,
This is to express my joy and gratitude to God for the way He has used you and your ministry to produce a wonderful masterpiece.
I speak in regard of One Careless Night. We've just finished watching Part 5 of the series. It was so interesting and so real. I'm sure children of God everywhere must have learnt valueable lessons from it, just as I have.
It is however sad that Kunle never forgave Ronke despite all the pleas. He ended up being the only loser in the film. While sinners like Mr. Kingley and his wife came into the kingdom, he went out.
May God continue to bless you and your ministry, and give you more insight into the needs of the church today. God bless you, sir.
Once again your movie has done it for me! The Lord has once again used your movie to touch my life, heal my wound and speak to my spirit and i bless his name for that.
I just saw one careless night and the lord really blessed my heart through it. first and foremost, even though you do not need my certification of the movie as an evidence that it was spirit inspired, i will still give my kudos, because the lord has ordered that we give honour unto whom honour is due... believe me, when i say i felt the hand of the lord throughout the movie, also believe it when i say the inspiration of the lord really did make this a success.
in addition to my attestation to the presence of God in the writing of this script, i would like to say a big thank you for allowing yourselves to be used of the Lord, because it is not enough for the lord to desire to do a thing but for there to be a willing vessel. the Lord bless you!
really, i'm a big fan and there is yet to be a movie of yours that hasn't touched my heart in a positive way, not just tingling my spirit but ministering to my spirit. i am very grateful to the whole crew and do pray that you continue to immense yourselves in the work of the lord and allow him bring the heathen to the brightness of your glory.
Nassau, Bahamas.
 It's a pleasure mailing you after such a long desire to do this. The Lord will increase your wisdom& the inspiration at which you write your scripts. Every of your firm had always been a blessing to me since early 90's that had been watching, following each series. Just this week I started watching "The forgotten ones" again and it was impressed on my heart by the HolySpirit to appreciate you.God bless you and He'l enrich you the more.You will never be famished of His presence in Jesus name, amen.
Please sir,I wish to know if the"MFP" said in "forgotten one" does exist& how can I really be a support to such agencies?
Moreso,I pray the Lord will take your ministry to European community in Jesus name because of people like us living there. Thanks sir in anticipation of your response.

Yours in Christ,
Mrs Onafuwa
Good evening sir,
I am sure you must have been receiving mails from so many people encouraging you and thanking you for your numerous inspiring movies.
I must say i am one person that has been priviledged to have watched some of your movies and i have been richly blessed.  There is none so far that i have watched that has not passed a message. (Apoti eri, blood on the altar, the haunting shadows, one careless night, enemy of my soul).  Watched the ayamatanga before on tv years ago but not sure i can do so again cos its very scary for me.  Wish to buy more when im able to do so.
Please continue the good works, we shall continue to patronize and God will continue to bless his works through your movies.
Just to let you know you and your crew are doing a good job and you are well appreciated.
Thank you.
Calvary greetings to you in Jesus name.  
Your message "One Careless Night" really bless my life and tranformed my life entirely. 
It gave me hope that God that restore that lady "Ronke" can restore back my own and make me rise again.
I love your ministry and I pray that the gate of hell will not prevail on it.
Mrs. O


Dear Bro & Sis. Mike Bamiloye&Family,
I am ---------, writing you this mail just as i finished watching one of your movies ''FORGOTTEN ONES " which drawn down tears from my eyes as usual.I just want to tell you that your great works is appreciated and further thank God for you and your great family for the call of God  upon  your lives which we are all witnesses of the fulfilment in our times.The Ministry has grown over the years and God is taking you higher everyday -to Him alone be all the glory.Your  vision and the grace of God to run with it through grace,commitments ,dedication and truthfulness has been a challenge and encouragement to all of us who watch you .Heaven is the altimate and we shall all make it together at God,s time in the mighty name of Jesus.amen.
I watched your movie which is  my favourate "JUST A LITTLE SIN" over ten years ago when we had a programme in our church,Foursquare Gospel Church ,Alagomeji Yaba Lagos,but since i moved to the USA with my wife and children over seven years ago i tried to get a copy in Woshington DC  area where  we reside but could not untill i came to Nigeria in 2005 for RCCG Congress.This copy and many others that i brought back to the US have been a blessing to many homes such that they are asking for more.
It is my humble request that you make available your movies in this area of USA.Its going to be a  blessing to people ,families,  opportunity for outreach, and alternative to other movies that we occupy our time and mind with presently.
Immediate payment for your supplies is guarranteed.
You can reach me or my wife on phone:
      202 431 5958 cell
      301 483 8692 home.
God bless you all.
Doyin & Mary
Sir,good day to you sir and you are blessed in the Mighty name of Jesus amen,sir,i´m one of the viewers of your movies via Passion T.V.and i so much like the movies but the most tourchy one is the Forgotten ones i pity Mafe´s parents and i pray that God will continue to uplift them in their undertakings amen.As a true Christian that is one of the cross ew are being bound to carry,i pray that God will assist you in all ways ,i do appreciate the great job you people are doing God will be with you amen please remember me and my family as well in your daily prayers.Myself and my family are residing in an non English speaking country(AUSTRIA)Central Europe and we watch your movies every evening and enjoyed it so continue in the vineyard of God,i hope you will also get back to me soon.Praise the Lord.
Yours in Christ,Mrs,Margaret Ajayi.
Good day Sir,
I am a 14-year old boy of ANCEDRAM CRS.Although i am young, i still believe i can do exploits for the Lord. I am still trusting God that i will be in the forthcoming natinal conference at Ebonyi.I believe that one day sometime i will be acting in your ministry.
       I will never forget the impact your ministry has created in my life. Just read my testimony:
I have an aunt who was duped by some 419ers they collected all her money up to $5000 when they collected her money they warned her never to tell anyone of what she saw there.She was freed and then,she came to the fellowship we were playing your film THE ULTIMATE POWER and it was were sis.Bose was warned by Paulina not to tell anyone what she saw at the place they went to because when she does that she will die.When my aunt saw the film she saw how Bose told her husband and later ran mad,my aunt was afraid and she told my dad all about it.We prayed for her and we said she will not die.The prisoners were caught and are now in prison.Can you see what your film can do?
I am coming soon.PRAISE THE LORD.        
Calvary Greetings,

I want to use this opportunity to praise God for the Life of the entire member of MZFM, especially the President of the Ministry with the Wife, Pastor Mike Bamiloye and Pastor Mrs. Gloria Bamiloye. It is my prayer that the anointing and the inspiration God has given you at this end time to propagate the Gospel of Jesus through Drama will not run down but instead it will continue to increase and multiply more abundantly in Jesus name.

I am a Nigeria Missionary in Mozambique and I am here doing the mission work under RCCG I have not at any time regret working for God here as a missionary despite all the challenges on the mission field, but with your latest Film tittle THE FORGOTTEN ONES 1 & 2 which we just got here. it really multivate me so much and I can wait for you to realease the part 3 of the Film.

May God bless you real good and we hope one day God will direct you to come and minister to us here in Mozambique through Stage Gospel Drama. there are lot of Souls to be won for God here.

Your Brother in the Lord
Bro. Olukayode


shalom sir,
i thank GOD ALMIGHTY for raising someone like you. the films that GOD empowers you to make to me are wonderful films. especially esin ajoji and the forgotten ones. GOD is my witness i am not used to watching a film more than three or four times, but these two films i can watch them over and over again. each time i watch that part in esin ajoji where the two demons attacked the king's son in the dream i brake into tongues when he begins to speak the word. when i watched the forgotten ones the question that kept ringing in my heart is, what i am doing for GOD? in a nut shell the lord bless you sir and continue to use you for people like me.